Pros and Cons of Fishing from a Kayak – Risks and Exercises

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Why would anyone want to fish from a small, easily tipped vessel when there are plenty of motorized, comfortable bass and jon boats out there? Kayak fishing is wet, more full-contact and requires a lot more energy from the angler. So why bother?

Easy. Because kayak fishing allows you to fully enjoy tracking your fish prey. You are now at the level of the fish with all the excitement and satisfaction that comes with it, combined with the fact that you have a negligible impact on the environment.

It really doesn’t require a large investment of time or money and the profits are more than worth it.

There is something incredibly satisfying about catching fish using nothing. but your own muscles and mind. No expensive motors to fool around with, no license fees in most states, no trailer that must also be licensed, and no water pollution from non-degradable petroleum products.

The cons?

Well, you have to have a good fishing kayak, but I doubt many people would consider that a real “con”. You have to expend energy to move the boat, burn calories and maybe lose a little weight. get healthier, etc…. But is it really a scam?

You will have to learn how to row properly, navigate, and do a few other things. Is it that bad? The worst thing I can think of is running the risk of almost certainly being addicted to kayaking. Once you’ve been in a kayak, other boats aren’t the same. They pale in comparison.

First steps

At the risk of starting a lot of arguments online, in my experience, you can fish from any kayak. I’ve fished from touring yaks, recreational yaks, and even white yaks. But if you plan to really fish, you will need a fishing kayak. These are designed a little differently than the standard formula. Fishing kayaks are usually a little wider for more stability. They have attachment points, paddle holders, rod holders, and some even have a compartment for a live box. There are attachment points for echo sounder and other accessories.

Although fishing kayaks are made as Sit On Top (SOT) and Sit Inside Kayak (SIK) models, the SOT is the preferred style for most anglers. SOTs offer easy entry and exit from the water, most gear is easily accessible, and you sit a little higher in the water than in a SIK.

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