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Welcome to the Kayak&Fish blog, a source of inspiration and information about kayak fishing in the state of New Jersey. We are dedicated to excursions into the world of kayak fishing, where nature, sporting challenges, and fishing fun combine into a unique way of experiencing the waters of New Jersey.

On our blog, you’ll find exciting tales of kayak fishing adventures and learn about the best places to fish New Jersey’s rivers, lakes and bays. We’ll share helpful tips and tricks to help you improve your skills and catch more fish.

From fishing tournaments to stories about our own kayak fishing, we bring you interesting stories and expert advice from experienced kayak anglers. We’ll also tell you about rules, gear, and safety to make your kayak fishing trip in New Jersey enjoyable and safe.

Join us as we travel the waters of New Jersey, discover new fishing spots, share your stories and enjoy the beauty of nature. “Kayak&Fish” is your guide to the world of kayak fishing in the state of New Jersey.